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I’m Sherilyn, the founder and chief artist at Sherilyn Beauty! 

I currently live in Fullerton, CA with my amazing husband and our adorable fur baby. Some of our favorite things include going grocery shopping, cooking, music, all things Lord of the Rings, and being outdoors!

At Sherilyn Beauty, it is our goal to enhance each of our clients' God-given beauty. We aim to help our clients feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, which is why we focus on enhancement rather than transformation. Your special day is important to us, and being a part of it is our pleasure!

We love connecting with our clients, hearing their stories, and being a part of their life milestones. Please take a moment to view our work, meet our team, and feel free to contact us with any questions! We hope to be a part of your story too!



At Sherilyn Beauty we believe the definition of beauty is not limited to just the physical but can be represented by different interpretations. The following are a few of our values:

Being confident is by embracing your flaws and your imperfections. Our focus is not to hide imperfections but to highlight other aspects and features you love about yourself! 

Perfection is not our focus or goal and we believe imperfections make us relatable so we embrace and own them.

Just as our brokenness connects us to God, our imperfections connect us to one another as women. It is not about competition.

It's not about transformation aka makeover but beauty enhancement.

Enhancing not just physically but enhancing one’s self-esteem is equally important. Changing our perspective of how we view ourselves. 

Makeup is an accessory not a necessity. We promote natural beauty.

Seeing ourselves the way God sees us.



No matter which artist you end up with from Sherilyn Beauty, we strive to connect with our clients by:

Sharing stories 

Building relationships

Being relatable 

Making clients feel comfortable in their bare, naked skin.